Since CP Electronics was founded in 1970, our philosophy has been to design and manufacture reliable energy saving controls that optimise comfort for the user while minimising energy costs. Innovation and being at the forefront of new technologies have been the driving factors from the start and still are today.
    Now employing around 150 people at its Wembley headquarters, CP Electronics embraces the challenge of finding innovative solutions to today's problem of ever increasing energy costs while at the same time satisfying the need for reducing CO2 emissions to tackle climate change and save our environment.
    Our products range from simple time lag switches to sophisticated microwave presence detectors and fully addressable lighting control systems, with new, exciting products being developed and launched continuously.
    One thing that remains unchanged over all the years of our existence is our commitment to offer our customers the highest level of quality and service – we still design and manufacture our controls ourselves here in the UK to the highest possible standards and offer a design service and full technical support throughout your project.


Standalone Presence Detectors

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Emergency Lighting Test Switches

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